GVEC was founded in 1938. Our sole mission was to deliver electricity to underserved rural communities ignored by large investor-owned electric utilities of the day. The world has changed immensely since 1938, of course, and although the Cooperative has changed, too, one thing hasn’t: Our commitment to delivering reliable, high-quality products and services to underserved rural communities.

We still deliver reliable electricity—it remains our core product, in fact—but over the decades, we’ve branched out, expanding to include products and services that fit with our commitment to serving the underserved. These additional products and services, which today include broadband internet, professional electrician services, and AC/heating, solar and battery storage solutions, have contributed significantly to the Cooperative’s growth—and we have grown substantially over the last few decades.

Our Success is Rooted in an Exceptional Workforce

With growth comes not only an expanded line of products and services, but also an expanded workforce. And that means finding the right people to serve as part of our cooperative workplace. We are always looking for people of high character interested in careers at GVEC. We look for people who view service to others as a calling and as a purpose bigger than any single individual.

We also want people who can adapt to GVEC’s growth and development. And we understand that while sometimes challenging, attracting and retaining qualified employees is essential to our success and to the success of the communities we serve. As such, we value every employee and continually strive to make GVEC an attractive place to work—a place where employees feel recognized for their accomplishments and valued for their contributions. If you’re interested in careers at GVEC, we’d love to hear from you.

How and Where to Apply for Careers at GVEC

According to GVEC’s Human Resources Department, the Cooperative’s Career page at gvec.org remains the most common place where prospective employees complete and submit applications. The page includes basic information about GVEC, including our Vision and Mission Statements and our declaration of Corporate Values. The page also provides an overview of the Cooperative’s diverse career opportunities.

At the bottom of the Career page, clicking on the “Browse Job Opportunities” icon takes you to GVEC’s Career Center page. Here, you’ll find a section entitled “Current Openings” where all current Cooperative job openings are listed. As of May 11, 2022, GVEC has the following three position available:

  1. Fiber Network Designer I
  2. Customer Service Representative
  3. Operator I Cooperative Control Center

Clicking on any of the job titles listed in this section takes you to a full description of the job and an “Apply” button, which in turn takes you to a screen where you can start the application process for careers at GVEC. It’s important to note that completing and submitting an application works best from a laptop or desktop computer as opposed to a mobile/handheld device.

Glassdoor, Indeed

Glassdoor and Indeed are employment websites (sometimes referred to as “Job Boards) that allow job seekers to post resumes, look for specific jobs or jobs in particular fields, and to complete and submit applications. These sites also allow current and former employees of individual companies to post ratings and reviews regarding the experience of working for an organization. This allows prospective job seekers interested to gain insight into what working for a particular company might be like—it’s culture, leadership, competitiveness in terms of benefits and salary, and more.

The Cooperative maintains a presence on both these sites, including an organizational overview and job openings with descriptions and links to our GVEC Career Center page, allowing prospective employees to initiate the application process. Either site is a great resource


LinkedIn is a career-based social media platform owned by Microsoft. It allows participants to connect and network with other professionals in the same or similar career fields, within the same company or even from companies they’ve previously worked for. Organizations—including GVEC—often post updates regarding happenings within the company. LinkedIn offers a powerful tool for job seekers interested in familiarizing themselves with a company and building connections within it. GVEC occasionally posts job openings on LinkedIn.

Ready to Apply?

If you’re interested in joining the Cooperative family, we’d be thrilled to review your resume and application. To get started, visit our Career Center web page. If you have questions about Cooperative job opening or want to check an application status, contact GVEC HR at jobs@gvec.org or at 830.857.1142.

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