Knowing your HVAC system can keep up with the demands of summertime heat in Texas is comforting. But if your unit seems to be struggling, don’t sweat it. GVEC is here to help you figure out if your system needs replacing and to know what to expect when you call us for HVAC replacement.

How Will I Know If Replacement Is Necessary?

While this question may sound broad, there are some pretty specific guidelines to help homeowners know when system replacement is needed. One of those is knowing that if your system is between 10-15 years old and begins needing repair, it may be time to start preparing to replace the unit. This is especially true when you start noticing things like higher electricity bills resulting from the unit having to run longer or work harder to keep your home at the desired temperature. Other signs might include noises coming from the outside compressor and higher humidity inside your house.

If you find yourself needing to call annually for repair during the times of year when your unit has to start working harder—like when summer really starts to heat up—or if you’re having to endure costs for more frequent repairs, those may also be good indicators that HVAC replacement should be considered. The last thing you want to do, however, is putting off replacing your unit until you experience a total breakdown—especially during the hottest part of the year!

Replacing Your Unit With GVEC

When you contact GVEC about replacing your AC/heating system, a friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative (CSR) will listen to your needs and put you in touch with a member of our sales team. Our sales staff will be able to evaluate your needs based on your situation, the size of your home and your budget to make recommendations. If a load assessment is necessary, one of our energy solutions specialists may visit your home.

It’s important to note, our CSRs, sales staff and HVAC technicians are completely non-commissioned. They’ll never try to upsell you or recommend products and services you don’t need. Helping you make an informed decision you’re comfortable with is just as important to us as your home comfort.


Aside from employing non-commissioned professionals, GVEC is a local name you know that has built a reputation for quality and integrity in every service we offer. Not to mention—we’ve got over 50 years of experience in the AC/heating industry.

We deliver competitive pricing, and we sell and service all major brands, including Champion®, Trane® and Maytag®. Additionally, GVEC offers low-interest finance options, and our members are able to conveniently roll the payment for their new system onto their monthly electricity bill with convenient on-bill financing.

It’s also important to remember GVEC is your Cooperative. That means money spent on GVEC products and services goes back to GVEC, benefiting you as a member.

You Don’t Have to Wait

Don’t risk putting off HVAC replacement longer than you need to. For simple, superior service you can be comfortably confident in, contact us at 866.684.2359!

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