Every year, Small Business Saturday® serves as a brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
It always falls on the Saturday after Black Friday (November 27 this year) and encourages shoppers nationwide to shop only
at locally owned and operated businesses for the day. GVEC enthusiastically endorses Small Business Saturday and shopping
local in general. What’s more, we’re proud to be part of this region’s locally owned and operated business community.

Advantages of Shopping Local

Supporting local business can deliver substantial benefits, including local job and economic sustainment and growth. Many locally owned and operated businesses strive to give back to the communities that support them, too. As a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative, GVEC is in a unique position to be able to invest in and empower the places where we do business without worrying about shareholders or stock prices. We regularly support local organizations and businesses through public relations initiatives, economic development, community involvement, and enrichment and giving. We pride ourselves on supporting schools and youth organizations, too, and on offering grants to area nonprofit organizations and scholarships to graduating seniors.

A Critical Service You May Not Know Is Available Locally

When you think of “local business,” you may think of shops that serve intermittent consumer wants or needs—small boutiques, markets, specialty shops, restaurants, plumbers, beauticians, landscapers, mechanics and others. GVEC’s own Electrician and AC/heating services fall into this category.

There are other services, though, needed on a more continual basis, you may not think of when you think of “buying local.” We’re talking specifically about internet service, a business that tends to be dominated by large, multinational corporations. For anyone committed to shopping locally, local internet from GVEC offers an alternative to large, impersonal Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Speeds for Every Online Activity, Pricing for Every Budget

GVEC high-speed broadband, including Wireless and Fiber services where available, delivers speeds and pricing competitive with corporate players. GVEC Wireless includes plans ranging from 1 to 25 Mbps. Our Fiber service, built with the world’s fastest internet technology, reaches speeds up to 1 Gbps! We’re also proud to deliver GVEC Internet to areas often underserved by larger ISPs and to offer 24/7 live tech support.

Local People and Service, Local Excellence

GVEC’s Board of Directors and employees come from the communities where we do business. We work, play and raise our families here, so the success of the communities we serve means success for us, too. We take pride in offering local, second-to-none customer service. When you call to find out about local internet from GVEC during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.), you’ll get little-to-no wait time and reach a local customer service representative based in our Gonzales, Cuero, Seguin, La Vernia or Schertz offices. GVEC representatives are knowledgeable, responsive and strive to exceed expectations in every customer interaction.

Close-to-Home Connections with Local Internet from GVEC

As you think about your shopping list this year for Small Business Saturday, we ask you to consider extending the benefits of shopping local to your broadband connection!

Learn More About Local Internet from GVEC

To learn what GVEC Internet services may be available in your area or to sign up, call us at 866.675.9296. You can also visit the GVEC Internet Availability Map.

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