More Than Your Hometown Electric Cooperative

Over the decades, GVEC has grown to be more than your hometown electric cooperative. The reason we’ve branched out to offer other products and services is simple: to better serve our communities. Today, just as in 1938, we’re still delivering products and services to our region that, in some cases, might not otherwise be available at all. We’re pleased to be the Guadalupe Valley’s one-stop, beyond the meter shop.

Whole-Home Filtration Systems

We think it’s important to keep your home’s conditioned air as free from pollutants and pathogens as possible. That’s why we also specialize in air purification systems that connect directly to your HVAC system, including the MicroPure® Total Home Active Air Purifier and the Reme Halo®.

Solar & Battery Storage Solutions

In recent years, interest in and demand for renewable energy options has grown considerably across our region. In response to these needs, we offer high-quality home solar panel and battery storage solutions and expert in-house installation, along with warranties on parts and labor. We’ll even assist you with acquiring the necessary building permits and show you how to operate your system for maximum efficiency. Our solar solutions specialists don’t work on commission and always provide honest, dependable information to help create a system that’s right for your home’s unique energy needs.

Smart & Learning Thermostats

We offer the latest high-tech connected thermostats from Nest® and ecobee. Both are designed to help save money on heating and cooling bills—up to 20% or more according to studies. Better yet, both thermostats are eligible for GVEC’s Peak-Time Payback rewards program, which pays members for helping keep overall energy usage low during peak usage times.

Fiber Internet: Building Your Hometown Electric Cooperative of Tomorrow

Since 2013, we’ve been building a robust internet network across the communities we serve using the world’s fastest, most stable and reliable communications technology: fiber. At the end of 2020, we had completed almost 25,000 pure-fiber passings and are on track to complete 30,000 by 2025. Fiber internet is not only faster and more reliable than other technologies, it’s also more durable and future-proof. It’s the ideal technology for allowing our region to keep pace with the Internet of Things revolution.

Fiber communications also allows us to modernize our electric grid while simultaneously delivering second-to-none internet to our region. That’s helping make us your hometown electric cooperative of tomorrow.

Sold on the Cooperative Way of Business

Picture of Janice C., Your Hometown Electric CooperativeJanice C. 

Janice C. has been an electric member of GVEC since moving to Marion in 1994. She also depends on GVEC for her AC/heating needs. “GVEC put my [AC/heating] system in, and they service it twice a year, which has been fantastic,” she says. “Their maintenance plan takes a lot of worry out of life. If something doesn’t look right, they fix it before it becomes a big problem for me.” Janice signed up for GVEC Wireless Internet service when it became available in her area about a year ago, too. “I’m a teacher in downtown San Antonio. When stay-at-home orders were issued and classes went virtual, online teaching became my only option. I would have been in big trouble without GVEC Wireless.”

A picture of Bryce and Barbara D, Your Hometown Electric CooperativeBryce and Barbara D

Bryce and Barbara D. have been electric members since 1992 and also subscribe to GVEC Internet. The self-employed couple had a new GVEC solar panel system installed on their Cuero home a few months ago. “We used to brag about the size of our electric bill before we got the panels,” Barbara said. “Now there’s no comparison. We’re really glad we made this purchase.” They describe themselves as “very happy” GVEC customers and credit a good deal of their satisfaction to GVEC’s customer service. “To me,” Barbara explains, “service is the main thing. I’m very interested in the quality of a product, of course; but when I read an online review, I want to know how good a company’s service is. Are they attentive? Do they call you back quickly? Do they follow-up on their work? Do they stand behind their products? GVEC checks off all those boxes for us.”

Electrician Services

GVEC’s team of skilled, fully licensed electricians can help with a range of electrical work for home and small business. Our offerings include indoor and outdoor lighting jobs, electrical panel upgrade and repair, general electrical upgrades, rewiring jobs, electrical inspections, solar panel installation and maintenance, and more.

Wireless Internet

For customers living in areas where fiber isn’t available, we offer GVEC high-speed wireless internet service with speed plans up to 25 Mbps on many towers.

AC/Heating Systems

We branched into heating and cooling over 50 years ago as an extension of our commitment to helping customers use home electricity more efficiently. Today, we feature heating and cooling systems from Champion® and Bryant®, two industry leaders who build durable systems with unsurpassed reliability and efficiency and second-to-none warranties.

AC/Heating Repair & Maintenance

Our fully licensed HVAC team can handle any AC/heating related job, including troubleshooting and repair. We offer the HVAC Spec Check™ seasonal maintenance service, too.

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