You may know GVEC is an electric cooperative and that you became a member-owner of when you set up your electric service with us. But have you ever wondered just what, exactly, a cooperative is?

According to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), electric do-ops are local energy and technology partners. Consumer-owned and not for profit, they are shaped by the specific needs of the communities they serve. This means that cooperatives—including GVEC—are businesses that primarily exist to serve their members.

The 2021 theme for National Co-op Month is: Build Back for Impact

The theme highlights the cooperative identity and purpose as co-ops everywhere have faced some of their biggest challenges recently, including the global pandemic. It’s a reminder that a cooperative’s impact is greatest because, as the NRECA puts it, they “are built by and belong to the communities they serve. They are led by members from the community and are uniquely suited to meet local needs.

Staying true to our unique identity, we’ve remained rooted in the values and principles we were founded on in 1938, as we continuously work to fulfill our mission to empower the people and communities we serve.

From weathering storms to turn power back on, to bringing needed internet connections to underserved areas, we’re here to work for you, especially when we’re needed most. We’ll continue our focus on delivering more to empower the lives of those we serve with energy efficient AC/heating services, Solar and Battery Storage solutions, Electrician services, channeling your Power Up contributions to improve our communities, and providing the friendly, local service you expect from GVEC as your neighbor. This has been and will remain our cooperative promise.

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