What’s better than coming indoors to an air conditioned home on a 100+ degree day during Texas summer? How about saving money on the electric bill you pay to run that AC? That’s exactly what Peak-Time Payback delivers! Better yet, this program also helps GVEC keep costs stable for everyone receiving electric service from the Cooperative.

Making Peak-Time Rewarding for All

Peak-Time Payback works with Wi-Fienabled Ecobee, Amazon, Honeywell, or Nest® thermostat models to help curb summertime electric usage during times of peak demand along GVEC’s grid. Peak times occur June 1 to September 30, between 3 and 7 p.m.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas uses each provider’s share of electric usage during these times to determine transmission costs the following year. Whatever transmission rate GVEC pays, we pass to you, without markup—the less we pay, the less you pay. That’s why Peak-Time Payback is so important; the more members who participate, the greater its potential impact on helping keep year-to-year G&T rates stable and affordable.

Rewarding in More Ways Than One

When you sign up for Peak-Time Payback, the Cooperative will give you a one-time $85 bill credit on top of any savings you achieve from using an internet-connected thermostat! Keep in mind, those savings can be like a separate “reward” unto themselves. According to studies, homeowners who use one of these devices can save up to 26% on yearly heating and cooling costs!

Plus, in addition to your one-time sign-up credit, we’ll pay another $30 bill credit every year you are enrolled through September 30. That’s a potential $115 in bill credits the first year alone!

For Maximum Savings, Enroll by September 30

Regardless of when you join Peak-Time Payback, you’ll instantly earn that one-time $85 bill credit, paid within one or two billing cycles. To earn the $30 yearly credit (paid each October or November), you must sign up no later than September 30. The good news? There’s still time to join in 2022!

Need a Smart Thermostat? GVEC has You Covered!

GVEC sells Nest and Ecobee thermostat models. Our team of professional technicians can do installation quickly and safely. Afterward, they can also
help familiarize you with how to use your new device for maximum savings. To learn more about Peak-Time Payback or smart and learning thermostats from GVEC, visit gvec.org or call us at 866.684.2359!

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