If you notice any signs or objects attached to GVEC electric poles, we kindly request that you get in touch with us. These attachments, whether stapled, thumbtacked, or nailed, pose significant safety risks that can endanger our linemen and crews.

It’s not just signs that present hazards; we’ve encountered basketball hoops, birdhouses and other unauthorized attachments on our electric poles. It’s essential to understand that anything not installed or by approved GVEC personnel is not only dangerous—it’s illegal!

Our dedicated line crews work day and night, braving all weather conditions, to ensure a safe power supply to our members. However, objects like nails, tacks and staples driven into the poles can create serious hazards. These objects can puncture the safety equipment worn by our linemen, including rubber gloves, designed to protect them from the high-voltage electricity they work with. Even a small puncture can expose linemen to the risk of electrocution. Moreover, individuals who attach objects to electric poles also put themselves in danger by coming too close to energized lines carrying thousands of volts.

If you come across anything attached to a GVEC electric pole that seems out of place, we urge you to report it by calling us at 800.223.4832. We genuinely appreciate your vigilance in ensuring the safety of our linemen and keeping our electric poles free from hazards.

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