Working with electricity is a dangerous job—no matter how small or simple you think the job may be. That’s why it’s always best to hire a licensed electrician to do any electrical work you need. But if you’re not so easily persuaded of the importance of hiring a professional, we have some shocking cautionary tales that may convince you otherwise.

Shock and Electrocution

Probably the most obvious risks associated with electrical work are shock and electrocution. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 400 people are injured or electrocuted at home each year. Even small jobs can result in big mishaps if you aren’t trained and licensed to work with wiring and electrical systems.

Fire Hazards

Electric currents produce heat. When wires and components are properly insulated and installed within your electrical system, this shouldn’t pose a problem. However, if worn structures go unnoticed or electrical equipment is improperly replaced or repaired, your home could become a fire hazard.

Code Violations and Building Permits

Many home improvement and remodeling jobs require building permits in Texas—including electrical construction. Not obtaining the proper permits can result in local fines, not to mention code violations could void insurance claims or hinder the sale of your property.

Expensive Repairs

There are plenty of old adages about doing a job right the first time versus doing it over. These are not only addressing wasted time, but in many cases wasted money, too. Paying a “faux-pro” less to do a job often results in work needing to be redone or costly repairs down the road—costing you even more than if you had initially paid for professional work.

Ease Your Electrical Fears with GVEC Electrician Services

Avoid the terrors of shoddy DIY or unprofessional work by calling GVEC! Our team of skilled, licensed electricians are ready to address all your electrical needs. From installing new ceiling fans or light switches to complete system rewiring—trust GVEC electricians for a job done right at a fair price!

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