Installing solar panels and battery storage has been steadily gaining popularity as homeowners aim to take greater control of their energy production. With that growth in popularity comes a lot of information to sift through. As your local electricity experts, we’re here to help you when it comes to sorting solar facts from solar fiction.

Can I Go ‘Off the Grid’?

We’ll start off by addressing the biggest elephant in the room. Is it possible to live totally off the grid? While the short answer is “yes,” the longer, more realistic answer is that, for most homeowners, going solar with a continued partial power supply from the grid is more economical and practical. This is because of several variables including the size of your home, the number of inhabitants and each of their energy consumption behaviors, and your willingness and ability to adapt energy usage according to weather conditions.

For example, a home consuming an average of 1,800 kWh each month would likely need at least a 14 kilowatt system paired with a minimum of two Powerwall battery storage units—on an idyllic sunny day. (For a note of reference, the average size panel system GVEC installs is 12 kW.) Factor in several cloudy or rainy days in a row, maintaining enough energy to be used as it’s being produced, along with storing the amount needed to power your home after the sun sets, and the need to purchase some electricity becomes highly likely.

Will Solar Really Save Me Money?

Absolutely. Although living 100% off the grid may not be the most practical choice, homeowners who install solar panels and battery storage will 100% enjoy noticeable and significant savings on their electricity bills. When you speak to a non-commissioned solar sales specialist from GVEC, they’ll listen to your expectations, study your consumption habits and custom design a system to help achieve your energy production goals. No upselling, no confusing or contradictory information—just factual information from a name you know and trust when it comes to electricity.

If It Sounds Too Good…

It’s important to keep the old adage in mind when considering information presented to you by contractors whose primary focus is making a sales quota. At GVEC, where our employees are part of the same communities they serve, our customers are our neighbors—not numbers.

Want to Know More?

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