2021 has been a year of ups and down, good times and challenges. On balance, though, we see much to celebrate as the year stretches towards its conclusion: cooperative values, community, good health, family, friends…batteries. Yes, batteries—or more precisely, battery storage solutions paired with solar energy.

Battery Storage Solutions: A Really Big Deal for Energy Usage

Batteries as an energy storage solution are nothing short of revolutionary. In the years ahead, this technology, combined with solar electricity generation, has potential to transform how the world uses electricity.

Electricity Producers Are Hooking up, Plugging In

Although the largescale adoption of battery storage is in early stages, we’re already seeing benefits trickle across both the consumer and producer sides of the electric industry. Electricity producers are just beginning to think about or planning to install large, utility-scale batteries to reduce the load across their grids. Utility-scale solar arrays are the most cost-effective way to charge those batteries; however, traditionally produced electricity can also be used. That stored electricity can supplement the grid during times of large demand or even during outages.

Battery Storage Solutions Make Home Solar More Versatile

Consumers, too, are realizing the tremendous advantages of battery storage solutions paired with solar energy. By itself, solar electricity is a powerful way to save money on electric bills and gain greater energy independence. Adding battery storage, though, helps reduce electricity costs even further and allows for the continued flow of power when traditional supply along the grid is interrupted.

A Super-Charged Energy-Saving Combination

Selling excess electricity to a provider is a great way to help maximize a solar panel investment, but adding battery storage can save owners even more on energy costs. When solar panels generate electricity, it must be used immediately, sold to a provider or stored. Most home solar owners will produce excess electricity and sell it all back to a provider—unless the owner also has a battery storage solution. Using stored solar from a battery instead of selling it allows owners to use solar when the sun isn’t shining instead of buying from a provider. These factors help lessen household electricity costs even more than solar alone.

Stay Powered During Outages

Power outages are inconvenient no matter when they happen, but certain outages are more problematic than others—especially those occurring during severe cold or extreme heat. With a battery storage solution, you’d be able to keep electricity flowing to all or to the home’s most critical parts, including AC/heating, while the outage is fixed.

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