The decision to “go solar” is a major one for homeowners. At GVEC, we recognize it shouldn’t be taken lightly. One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way for many fully understanding how solar can help save on energy costs. The second is finding a trustworthy provider concerned with more than simply making a sale.

Local and Reputable

GVEC is a known name that’s been a part of the communities in the area for more than eighty years. We began in 1938 by recognizing a need for electricity in rural areas and bringing it where no one else would. Throughout those eight decades, we realized the importance of energy efficiency to keep electricity costs affordable. This led to identifying and offering products and services that make conserving energy easier—eventually including solar and battery storage solutions.

More Than Making a Buck

We believe a major part of money-saving energy efficiency includes educating our members and customers. This is why when you call us about solar panel and battery storage options, a GVEC solar sales specialist will meet with you in person. They’ll listen to your renewable energy expectations, give you honest feedback and answer any questions you might have to help you feel confident that going solar is right for you. As non-commissioned professionals, they’ll make recommendations, custom-design a solar panel system and provide a free estimate without making you wonder if they’re attempting to sell you more than you need. Most importantly, they won’t oversell the benefits of solar by making promises that sound too good to be true.

Stress-Free Installation

Once you decide to move forward with your solar investment, our own in-house licensed electricians will install your solar panel system. They’ll take care in making sure you understand the entire process and of obtaining any necessary permits and homeowner association approvals. After installation is complete, our solar pros will explain how you can monitor your system so you can view how much energy your panels are producing, how much your battery is storing and how much your home is consuming at any time.

Feel Secure with Solar From GVEC

If you’re wondering if going solar is right for your home, or to find more information about solar solutions from GVEC, call or text us at 866.684.2359 or visit

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