The recent emergence of battery storage solutions has helped make home solar panels an even more valuable investment. Costs for home batteries have been dropping over the past several years, while the technology behind them continues improving. Companies like Tesla have made battery storage trendy, but the product merits the excitement. What’s the big deal about battery storage solutions? Good question.

No Matter the Weather or Outage Conditions, the Lights Stay On

Many prospective solar buyers don’t realize even with solar panels installed, power shuts down to the home during an electric outage. This helps prevent electrical back-feeding to de-energized lines, which poses a serious danger to linemen working to restore service. With battery storage solutions, though, you can keep power on to all or parts of your home while power is being restored.

Excess Solar to Your Provider? Highly Profitable. Battery Storage Solutions? Even Better.

Electricity generated by solar panels must be used right away, stored or routed onto the grid. Because panels largely generate power during times when many people aren’t home, a portion of that power often gets sold to the provider, paid as bill credits. This arrangement alone can make a solar investment highly worthwhile.

With battery storage solutions, though, instead of selling excess power, you have the option to store it. After dark, the batteries can supplement power from GVEC and supply power to the entire home or parts of it for hours. Excess solar used this way sidesteps Distribution charges, making your renewable investment even more profitable and giving you greater flexibility and control over electricity usage.

GVEC Battery Storage Solutions: Tesla and Enphase

GVEC is certified to sell and install Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase Storage home battery. Both systems are based on proven lithium-ion technology and offer 10-year warranties. Both also offer flexible options for mounting, with sufficient durability and weather resistance for outdoor installation.

The Magic of Greater Control

The true marvel of Powerwall and Enphase lies in their interfaces and their tremendous user control. Both internet-connected systems can be managed from the palm of your hand with elegant, intuitively designed apps. No matter where you are, you’ll have access to your home’s energy grid.

Want to know in real-time how much energy is being produced, stored, discharged and consumed by your panels and batteries? What percentage of stored energy do you want kept in reserve for outages and what percentage for regular nighttime usage? Powerwall and Enphase allow you to monitor and control these functions.

You can also be alerted when severe weather’s coming, allowing you to increase reserves and be better prepared for possible outages. With these systems, you’ll never be caught off guard by the weather or undercharged in the event of an outage.

Many battery owners may still sell some portion of solar to their provider. Powerwall and Enphase battery storage solutions will let you monitor exactly how much you’re selling. And both systems automatically update themselves, making sure you always have all the latest benefits and features. Both systems also learn from and adapt to your personal usage habits.

Ready to Learn More? Call GVEC!

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