Have you been thinking about you solar options, but feel wary because of claims that sound too good to be true—like solar panels completely eliminating your electricity bill? You’re smart to question these kinds of promises!

While fully offsetting your electric bill with solar panels is technically possible, for most homeowners in South Central Texas, and average-sized solar panel system won’t achieve this. It’s important to partner with a company you can trust to provide accurate information and who will help you understand all the factors to consider when discussing your renewable energy expectations.

Don’t Fall for Cheap Pick Up Lines

Some contractors use exaggerations to try to win your business. They might make claims of being able to zero out your electricity bill or give uncertain guarantees about the amount of money you’ll save on energy each month. The truth is, they believe making empty promises can sway you to buy from them.

A Dependable Partner

At GVEC, we operate with a people-first mindset. This approach has earned us a reputation of providing service with honesty and integrity. And, with over 80 years in the electric industry, we’re your local energy experts.

You can depend on GVEC to provide accurate, straightforward information regarding solar options. Our non-commissioned solar solutions specialists will answer all your questions, listen to your needs and customize a system that’s right for you—and we won’t make promises we can’t keep!

We’re Here for You

We’re always here to help your sort facts from claims that are too good to be true. For honest, upfront information about solar solutions, call us at 866.684.2359, or find us at gvecSOLARservice.com.

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