In the wake of the great winter storm of February 2021 (a.k.a., Uri), GVEC encountered instances of our membership purchasing home generators but installing those backup-power systems incorrectly. This is extremely unsafe, endangering not only the homeowner but also electricians and Cooperative line crews.

Multiple Types of Unwanted Charge

Incorrect installation of a home generator transfer switch can cause the unit to “backfeed” electricity through the meter, sending it back to the transformer and onto GVEC’s high-voltage distribution lines. This puts our linemen at risk while they may be working to restore power. Backfeeding can lead to electrocution or worse for line crews and the public and can cause substantial damage to property and Cooperative equipment.

As the homeowner, you could be held responsible for injuries or equipment damage related to an improperly installed home generator transfer switch. Penalties can be serious, including financial liability and even criminal prosecution if you tamper with or alter GVEC equipment, including the meter. If you’re looking to purchase a generator, consider shopping with GVEC by calling 866.684.2359. We offer a variety of models from Generac® and professional installation of the home generator transfer switch and other safety-related equipment with GVEC’s licensed electricians.

Let GVEC Know About Your Generator

If you’ve already made a purchase or plan to, it’s important to know where and how to safely install the home generator transfer switch. No matter where you buy a your unit or who you hire for home generator transfer switch installation, you will need to call GVEC before the install. We will provide important details regarding easements and connection requirements the electrician will need for successful and safe installation.

Even if you’ve already had a home generator transfer switch installed, you should still call GVEC so we can notate your account. This allows our linemen working an outage to know where generators may be in use. Plus, if you have any questions about your switch, you can speak with Cooperative personnel directly to ensure everything’s correctly and safely installed. Remember, GVEC’s here to serve and assist in not only keeping you safe, but your community, too! We deliver more than just electricity.

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