Due to the rise of COVID-19 cases within our service territory, GVEC has temporarily closed all customer service lobbies, but is accepting in-office visits by appointment. Drive thru lanes will remain open for our customers' convenience at this time. You may also continue to call us for assistance or visit our websites and self-service portals to conduct business with us.

Who is GVEC? This is a vital question we routinely consider as part of our continuous drive to improve and grow. To some degree, the answer is simple and has been unchanged since our founding over 80 years ago. We are still your friendly, local electric cooperative; however, the rapid growth we’ve seen in our other services over the years has allowed our identity to evolve and grow. Today, we are your Cooperative that provides electric, internet and beyond the meter services such as AC/heating and electrician services, and solar and battery storage solutions.

In today’s world of rapid technological innovation, recognizing and exceeding customer needs and expectations often means stretching ourselves. It is our mission to identify the products and services those we serve need and fulfill those voids where it makes sense. This means as consumer expectations evolve and grow, so do our service options.

Our beyond the meter services are a prime example. We launched AC/heating sales and service in 1968 because keeping your home comfortable is the number one contributor to the monthly electric bill. Heating and cooling systems have a direct, positive impact on energy efficiency in customer homes when sized and installed correctly. Additionally, the exploding demand for renewable energy solutions over the last few years has led us in new directions. We’ve expanded our offerings to include solar and battery storage solutions, as well as electricians. Offering such options also helps the Cooperative anticipate how evolving technologies — especially solar and battery storage solutions — will affect electricity demand in the years ahead.

On the internet side, expanding our fiber network does more than increase the availability of extreme-speed internet across the communities we serve—it also lays the groundwork for stronger, smarter electric infrastructure. Fiber-based communications along our grid allow for the implementation of real-time monitoring software, helping limit or even prevent some power outages. Such software can also help reduce the duration and number of members affected if outages do occur and offers other operational benefits that help us serve you better.

As a cooperative, our focus is on value as opposed to sales, so you know when you work with us, you’ll get local service rooted in quality, integrity and a reasonable price. You won’t have to wonder if you can trust the facts, and that goes a long way for peace of mind. GVEC is proud of our eighty-plus years of service and growth, and we look forward with vigor to delivering more than ever to the people and communities who call the Guadalupe Valley home for many more years to come.

I am always interested in your comments and feedback. Contact me by phone at 830.857.1152, by email at or by mail at P.O. Box 118, Gonzales, Texas 78629.

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