The Frustration of Inconsistent Home Wi-Fi Coverage

Uneven home Wi-Fi coverage can be frustrating. Suppose you’re working from a laptop in an area where connectivity is great, but then move to another room. Websites immediately stop loading or slow to a crawl. Maybe you’re streaming a movie, and the instant you switch rooms, the video begins buffering endlessly and/or becomes grainy. If you experience such issues, you may have simply learned to adapt, avoiding areas of your home without dependable coverage. You may have also wondered if there’s anything you can do to extend Wi-Fi coverage into those problematic areas or why those areas even exist in your home.

Conquering Dead Wi-Fi Zones with a Mesh Network

Multiple walls, especially built with metal or other dense materials, can block Wi-Fi signals within a home. Even a significant distance between the router and a connected device can cause a weak or non-existent signal. If you’ve ever stumbled on “mesh network” products in a store or online, you’ve already encountered the latest, state-of-the-art solution to inconsistent home Wi-Fi coverage. Mesh networks combine a primary router with separate units known as “pods.” Each pod acts as its own mini-router, with the capacity to receive the primary router’s incoming home Wi-Fi signal, process it and retransmit it without degradation into low-coverage areas.

If you’re a GVEC Internet customer experiencing low- or no-Wi-Fi connection areas in your home, let us know! GVEC’s mesh network is a comprehensive, customizable Home Wi-Fi Optimization solution that may be exactly what you need to help overcome inconsistent home Wi-Fi coverage.

DIY Mesh Tech Versus GVEC Expertise

Once you’re familiar with mesh technology, you may feel tempted to opt for a DIY set up by purchasing a kit online or in store. If you’re a GVEC Internet customer, we recommend giving us a call before trying trying to build a mesh network yourself. GVEC’s mesh network components cost as little as $2 per month, in addition to a small router rental fee, while the cost of a mesh network kit you would purchase off the shelf starts at $300 for base models. These products come with between four and six pods and no option to subtract from that number. In our experience, networks with inconsistent home wi-fi coverage achieve optimum results with only one or two pods, meaning you’ll probably waste money with a DIY option.

We guarantee compatibility of GVEC’s mesh network solution with all other GVEC equipment, too. Our pods will easily connect to and work seamlessly with the GVEC router provided. Plus, we take care of set up, troubleshooting and, if necessary, device replacement—you won’t have to call a manufacturer, or depend on non-GVEC tech support for help with your network.

If you experience inconsistent home Wi-Fi coverage at home and are a GVEC Internet customer, ask us about our Home Wi-Fi Optimization mesh network solution. Our system integrates seamlessly with your existing GVEC equipment, comes with installation and set up, and costs a fraction of typical retail products! Other fees may apply.

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