Keeping your contact information up-to-date with GVEC is important. In fact, it’s down-right essential!

Hurricane season is upon us. Making sure your information stays updated not only ensures you have access to convenient apps and services like SmartHub® and TextPower™; it helps keep you aware of outage information in emergency or severe weather situations.

Email Address

Making sure you keep a current email address on your account allows you to receive email alerts about your usage and billing. It also allows you to receive messages from GVEC regarding things like line maintenance going on in your area or communication in emergency weather situations.

Mailing Address

Keeping your mailing address up to date is always important—even if you receive your monthly statements at your email address or through SmartHub. Items like capital credit refunds on inactive accounts are only sent through traditional mail, so it’s important to keep this updated even if you move and end your GVEC membership. You might also miss out on important planned outage or maintenance notifications as well as information about new services GVEC has to offer if your mailing address is outdated.

Phone Number

Having a good phone number on file is necessary in case we ever need to reach you by phone for a variety of reasons. Maintaining your mobile phone number gives you convenient communication options, like activating text message notifications in SmartHub to receive important emergency communications from GVEC when necessary. Making sure your current cellphone number is on file lets you register for TextPower, too! TextPower allows you to report or check the status of an outage with a simple one-word text message. Signing up is fast and easy.

How to Sign Up for TextPower

First, you must make sure the cellphone you are texting from is listed on your GVEC account. You can update or add your number anytime via the SmartHub self-service portal (not through the SmartHub app), or call us for assistance. Up to three cellphones can be registered.

From one of the cellphone numbers listed on your account, text GVEC to 800.223.4832 to enroll. (We recommend saving this number as GVEC in your contacts on your phone.) It’s that simple!

To Report and Outage or Receive Updates with TextPower

Text OUT to report an outage.

Text STATUS to get an update. (Updates are available after line crews are on site and evaluate the cause of the outage.)

Text HELP for the text message menu and our contact number.

Text QUIT to opt-out of this service any time.

When power is restored, we’ll send you a text.

This is a free service from GVEC. However, messaging and data rates from your cellphone provider may apply.


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