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Sustainable Energy and the Need for Reliable Partners

For customers considering an investment in sustainable energy through the purchase of home solar panels, I can think of few other products where choosing a reliable, trustworthy partner—one that cares about the people it serves—is more important. Buying one of these systems represents a long-term business investment and an enduring commitment to sustainable energy.

The Many Questions of Buying Home Solar Panels

There are many things to consider when making an investment home solar panels: What warranty term does the seller offer on the panels and installation? Does the seller do their own solar installations or use contractors? If something goes wrong, who can you call to service your home solar panels? And what about the buying process? Will they work hard to help you qualify for every incentive you could be entitled to? What about code requirements? Will the seller help you with those or will you be expected to obtain the proper permits? GVEC takes you step-by-step through this process.

Purchasing a Solar Panel System from GVEC

When you purchase a solar panel system from GVEC, you’re doing business with a trusted partner that genuinely cares about and invests in the communities it serves. All GVEC solar panel systems come with a 25-year warranty on parts and 10 years on installation—which is done by our in-house team of professionally licensed electricians. If something goes wrong, you’ll never wonder who to call. Our solar specialists, who are not paid by commission, will work with you to help you get any incentive you’re entitled to and even take care of permitting and making sure your new system is up to code. They’ll also help you understand all the ins and outs of your new solar panel system from GVEC and how to get maximum efficiency from it.

Home Solar, Beyond Expectations—One Neighbor to Another

Although solar owners experience immediate energy savings upon installation, it typically takes 8-10 years for solar panels to “pay for themselves” and begin paying dividends. The last thing you need is a retailer that’s focused on making the sale above all else. You need a principled, reliable partner who’ll be available throughout those 8-10 years and well beyond to guarantee your home solar panels delivers as promised and expected. This is precisely what you get when purchasing a solar panel system from GVEC.

GVEC Solar customers aren’t just valued, long-term partners in sustainability; they’re our neighbors. Being a good neighbor means following through on commitments and striving to deliver the unexpected in all we do—that’s the GVEC way, and that’s what you can expect when you partner with us on your own commitment to sustainable energy.

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